Congratulations to the education workers on their professional holiday

Dear teachers!

Your role in shaping the younger generation is difficult to overestimate. Every day you teach, educate and give part of yourself to form patriots, future professionals in various spheres and worthy people.


The work of a teacher is a great responsibility, especially in this difficult time.


Therefore, on the day of the professional holiday we would like to thank you for your skill, care and desire to raise bright personalities, who are the future of the nation.


Together with you, dear teachers, International Charitable Foundation «Assistance to Victims of Road Accidents» continues to form a safe environment in society, carrying out scientific and methodological as well as educational activities.


Among the events implemented by the Foundation in cooperation with partners are nationwide unified road safety lessons in educational institutions, thematic educational and training weekend events “Safety Weekend”, workshops on premedical care for children, youth and teachers, annual All-Ukraine youth competition of photo and video works.


In addition, within its competence, the Foundation takes an active part in implementation of the National Strategy for building a safe and healthy education environment in the New Ukrainian School and has joined the development of the In-Service Training Program for Teachers of General Secondary Education Institutions, principals and deputy principals, teacher-organizers, social pedagogues, practical psychologists «We know and act».


Thanks to this program, teachers will receive new methodological tools for teaching rules of safe behavior on the road and the basics of providing premedical care among schoolchildren.


Let’s create a safe education environment together!


Happy education workers day!