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Congratulations on the Constitution Day of Ukraine!

Dear colleagues, compatriots!


We express our sincere congratulations on the occasion of the country’s celebration of a significant national holiday – the Day of the Constitution of Ukraine! This important document is the main protection of the statehood and democracy of our country, its independence and unity, the key to the implementation and protection of constitutional rights and freedoms of citizens.


We want to believe that the responsibility and wisdom of statesmen, and each of us in our place, will never allow us to violate the ideals and principles of the Basic Law, and any changes to the Constitution will serve to strengthen democratic, social and legal foundations for society.


Let’s respect the Constitution of Ukraine! Remember your rights and responsibilities. Let us persevere in defending the first and fulfill the second!


Peace to all of us, mutual respect, obedience to the law and new achievements for the benefit of the state! Happy holiday!


President of the Foundation

Yuriy Chorny