Dear friends!

2022 draws to a close… Perhaps it was the most difficult year for Ukrainians during the years of independence. A year that became a real challenge, but at the same time made our nation stronger and more united.


Today, each of us should continue to work on their front, to be resilient to all challenges, and most importantly – to accumulate strength and energy for our soonest Victory.


Hopes and expectations for 2023 are huge. We want millions of those, who left their country to return, our courageous defenders to certainly meet their families at home, and every Ukrainian to have prosperity and well-being. And, most importantly, we wish that a peaceful sky will be above our country again.


A safe country is what we all strive for. That’s why the International Charitable Foundation “Assistance to Victims of Road Accidents”, despite the difficult times for our country, continued to implement its projects. We actively participated in the events of national Road Safety Week, conducted charity blood donation campaigns and youth competitions, implemented educational initiatives that promote knowledge of traffic rules and premedical care.


We are very pleased that thousands of people join our projects every year. In particular, the 5th All-Ukrainian photo and video works competition of the “Safe Country” project brought together more than 5000 participants from different parts of Ukraine. Unexpectedly, in this difficult time, our youth created more than 1000 talented photo and video works, the best of which will definitely become social advertising.


We hope that in 2023 we will continue to implement our projects, as well as generate some new ideas that will help us build a Safe country together.


We wish you peace and prosperity in the New Year!