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We invite you to join the first stage of the Road Safety Week in Ukraine!

The International Charity Fund “Assistance to Victims of Road Accidents”, a permanent co-organizer of national road safety weeks in the country, following all the quarantine measures, continues to prepare for the traditional holding of this year’s Road Safety Weeks.


Rising numbers of total injuries and deaths on the roads of the country are another painful problem that we unfortunately do not notice or ignore.  More than 3,500,000 citizens are killed every year, and more than 100,000 suffer the consequences of their accidents, requiring medical and psychological help, long-term rehabilitation and compensation, which puts additional strain on the state’s economy. 10 people are killed every day on the roads of the country, which no one talks about!


The world community, including Ukraine, at the Stockholm Conference held under the auspices of the World Health Organization in February this year, made the decision to take urgent action at the national level to reduce road fatalities to zero and numbers of injuries at least double over the next decade.  Already this year, summarizing the implementation of the actions identified by the UN General Assembly in the framework of the Decade of Action on Road Safety 2011-2020, the national Strategy and the State Program for improving the level of road safety in Ukraine by 2020, Ukraine should identify and approve further  national targets and strategies for improving road safety.


Considering our long and positive experience of cooperation with many competent ministries and agencies, national and international organizations, representatives of the business environment and the public, we invite them, as well as all interested persons – leaders, volunteers, anyone who cares about road safety in Ukraine – to join the preparation and holding of the Road Safety Weeks in Ukraine this year.


In spite of the volatile situation in the country, we hope for the best and support the activities of the Road Safety Weeks, as every year, in two stages:

Stage I – May 12-17, 2020;

Stage II – November 9-15, 2020


The format of the events is being discussed!


Please send your ideas and suggestions to the General Plan of the 1st Stage of the Week by April 10, 2020 by e-mail: or by post: Kyiv,  Velyka Vasylkivska Street 55-G, office 100.


More details:  (044) 466 43 81, (068) 466 43 82.