“Give blood to save lives”: donated blood for children injured in road accident in Okhmatdit children specialized hospital

Within the framework of the annual all-Ukraine charity campaign “Give blood to save lives”, which is taking place in all regions of Ukraine, donated blood for the treatment of children affected by road accidents.  The initiator of blood donation for young patients is the International Charitable Foundation “Assistance to victims of road accidents”.


Traditionally, blood donors were joined by officers of the Patrol Police of Ukraine, the Judicial Protection Service of Ukraine, the State Transport Service of Ukraine, other organizations and indifferent citizens.  Most of them donors with experience say they give blood every year and feel happy that they can save someone’s life.


“Blood is always needed, many children are treated in our hospital.  It is necessary to donate blood, because without substitution therapy with blood components it is sometimes impossible to save the lives of our small patients, ”said the head of the blood service of the hospital Dmitry Peretyatko.  He urged anyone who has the desire, the ability, and most importantly, the absence of contraindications for health, to get involved in blood donation regardless of the actions.


Inna Olifirenko, director of the International Charitable Fund “Assistance to Victims of Road Traffic Accidents,” reminded that the blood donation saves is part of the Road Safety Week in Ukraine, but you can always join the donor movement.  According to official statistics, since the beginning of this year, about 27,000 people have been injured in road accidents.  She urged everyone with the opportunity to donate blood both inside and outside the event: “Sharing blood with those who need it is a simple but extremely important mission.  After all, every drop of blood is the price of human life.  Remember, when saving someone’s life, someone can save yours in the same way! ”