“Give blood to save lives”: annual charity event on blood donation for road accident victims took place in Ukraine

As part of the Road Safety Week, despite the quarantine, thousands of people all over Ukraine joined a charity event to give blood for victims of road accidents. In the children’s specialized hospital “Okhmatdyt”, where the action is traditionally held in Kyiv, employees of the Patrol Police of Ukraine, the Judicial Protection Service of Ukraine and the State Transport Safety Service of Ukraine gave blood to save lives. They actively take part in the action every year, because they are among the first to face numerous injuries and deaths on the road. Today, there are no optimistic smiles behind their medical masks, but everyone knows what an important mission they are performing in saving someone’s life. They say they will do it again and again!

During the quarantine period, blood banks need to be replenished more than ever, and doctors say that the help of anyone who can give blood is extremely valuable. Every year, more than 30,000 people are getting injured in road accidents in Ukraine, and a blood transfusion is critical for some of them every day.

The International Charitable Foundation “Assistance to Victims of Road Accidents”, which is the initiator of the action, calls to join the donor team and give blood not only during the actions, but also outside them. This can be done at any Blood Transfusion Center marked “For road accident victims”.