Happy Women’s Day!

Dear Ladies!

The spring has come unnoticed – the snow is melting and the birds are singing. The spring makes the blood run faster; it makes us feel excited, so we get that rose-colored anticipation of something new to come. What a wonderful time to celebrate the Women’s Day – 8th March! Women are, indeed, the ones impersonating everything beautiful and graceful in this world.

We sincerely and warmly congratulate our women, our team partners with the Women’s Day!

Let us join in the warmest words. Dear Ladies, remain the beacons of all good, peaceful and light in these countries. Whatever mission you choose, it can be both a caring mother, a strong leader, a good-natured wife, a reliable professional, and a warrior, and a protected, less-than-secure land.
We are happy to cooperate with so strong and willing to sacrifice themselves in order to protect their path women.We take into account your reliability, support and trust, unbridled energy and creativity through the development of road safety, the implementation of our plans and ideas.

  This day, we wish you a lot of love! May your love ones surround you with flowers, so you can fell the spring mood. May you be happy! We hope today smiles will lit up your faces, so you could share your smiles with the rest of us!


President of ICF “Assistance to victims of road accidents” Yuriy Chorniy