Online voting for photo and video works of the all-Ukraine contest «Safe Country» 2021 has started!

Dear friends! From October 18, 2021, the acceptance of works for the annual all- Ukraine photo and video competition “Safe Country” has finished.

The Organizing Committee expresses its sincere gratitude to all participants – pupils, students, teaching staff of educational institutions, parents – all those who joined and sent their creative work. During these four years, we are convinced that we have become close and interesting for our participants. The topics of the competition –road safety, environmental safety, safe educational environment, anti-bullying and other topics – are also important. From May to October 2021, we received more than 1,000 works, which are truly unique and valuable. It is nice that dozens of authors and entire bands are participating for the first time, we recognize their «handwritings».

This year, 6 important topics in the field of security were nominated for the competition in two nominations – photos and videos:

1) Youth for road safety;
2) Promotion of wearing reflective elements;
3) Anty-bullying (harassment) in educational institutions;
4) Barrier-free educational environment;
5) Protection of ecology and natural resources;
6) Safety of life – a free interpretation of the topic of social importance of compliance with the rules of safe behavior by society.

According to the terms of the competition, all submitted and posted on the competition platform photo and video works will be evaluated by expert juries, which will include representatives of a number of government agencies, departments and structures, interested commercial and public organizations, as well as media.

However, as every year, we give everyone the opportunity to try themselves as a jury and vote for the work they liked. Independent online voting is a separate nomination of the contest, the winners of which (those who received the most likes on each topic) will be awarded with diplomas and prizes. Independent online voting will last a week – from 18 to 24 October 2021.You can vote for your favorite works only on the competition platform, and only once from one IP address.

Pay attention!  The winners of the competition are determined only by the jury in accordance with the evaluation criteria set out in the Regulations of the competition. Independent popular online voting nominates only the favorites of the audience.

The results of the all-Ukraine competition of photo and video works «Safe Country» will be announced remotely during the Road Safety Week, which will be held in Ukraine on November 15-21, 2021. The online broadcast of the event will be available on the Youtube channel «Safe Country» Country. The date and time of the broadcast will be announced later. We recommend you to subscribe to the channel and press on the bell to receive timely notification of the start of the event.

The All-Ukraine competition of photo and video works within the national project «Safe Country» is held for the fourth year in a row at the joint initiative of the International Charitable Foundation «Assistance to Victims of Road Accidents», Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Motor (Transport) Insurance Bureau of Ukraine.