Video works submitting for the all-Ukraine competition “Be visible on the road” continues

Dear friends! It is remaining almost two weeks to take the opportunity to share your unique video on wearing reflective elements for road safety and to win. Video submitting for the all-Ukraine competition “Be visible on the road” within the national project “Safe Country” lasts until April 25, 2021.

As we know, the use of reflective elements by pedestrians in the dark saves lives, because it helps the driver to see a person on the road in time and react immediately. Tell us about it in an interesting, extraordinary, and convincing way ‒and maybe your work Ukrainians will see and it will definitely inspire them to comply with this important requirement.

Here is the key conditions of our competition:
  • video work should be collective, students of secondary schools and colleges;
  • video work should be socially oriented and demonstrate a positive example of the use by children and young people reflective elements – vests, belts, bracelets, pendants, key chains, ribbons, etc. on clothing or vehicles ‒bicycles, rollers, skates, mopeds, personal vehicles, strollers and strollers, or wearing clothes with reflective elements; drawing public attention to the importance of use reflective elements for road safety; using calls to wear reflective elements;
  • the duration of the video should be 30-45 seconds (up to 1 minute);
  • video format – МР4, the best quality;
  • the work must be original, not copied from other sources and created by the team of contestants.
The work should be upload to the competition platform independently and must be accompanied by a collective Statement of participants  – the permission to use and broadcast the work, as well as possible editing and addition in order to more effectively promote the topic.

We want the works you create to be seen by as many viewers as possible, and we try to get all the necessary permissions to recognize the best of them as social advertising. This will allow you to broadcast your videos not only on the Internet, but also on television. Therefore, we draw your attention during the preparation of works to avoid plagiarism, which is illegal, direct advertising content (links to a specific product or manufacturer), links to objects of intellectual property rights, getting into the frame of business entities.

More details on all the conditions and requirements for the competition works, as well as the criteria for their evaluation, can be found in the Regulations of the competition on a special page of our website.

You can also view works that have already been submitted to the competition from other participants.

The International Charitable Foundation “Assistance to Victims of Road Accidents” together with the Ministry of Education of Ukraine and the Motor (Transport) Insurance Bureau of Ukraine are looking forward to your work and wish you success!

The results of the competition will be summed up as part of the All-Ukraine Road Safety Week during May 17-23, 2021. The date will be announced later.