Educational training-competition on life safety «SAFETY WEEKEND» took place in ICC «Artek»

My country is safe: on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Ukraine’s Independence and within the framework of the national project «Safe Country» on August 19 at the International Children’s Center «Artek» in Kyiv (Pushcha Vodytsia) was held an educational training competition on life safety «SAFETY WEEKEND». The purpose of the training was to deepen the knowledge and skills of young Artek members of the basic safety rules:

– road safety: compliance with traffic rules and safe behavior on the road, the use of reflective elements. – safety in case of emergencies: compliance with the algorithm of action in case of emergency, the skills of home care; – safe education environment: combating child bullying, cyberbullying and other forms of violence among children; – environmental safety: encouragement of landscaping of the city, protection of nature and its resources, promotion of garbage sorting. The event was initiated by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and the International Charitable Foundation «Assistance to Victims of Road Accidents» in the framework of the All-Ukraine Forum «Education of Ukraine 30 without barriers: vectors of quality and success.»

The camp «Artek» is a country of childhood with a long history and a unique system of children’s self-government, national-patriotic and civic education, an innovative system of child development, including with special needs, which emphasizes the importance of forming a younger generation that would be ready to follow the rules of safe behavior in adult life, protect themselves and others, create a safe and happy country in which they live.

«SAFETY WEEKEND» for Artek was held in the form of a team competition: seven specific teams had the opportunity to go through seven thematic locations, complete the tasks of instructors and compete in the skill of their implementation. And to present a poster on one of the selected topics and tell how they see their safe country. The children pictured their little dreams: safe roads, safe and secure cities, a healthy lifestyle and a clean environment, denial of bullying and other forms of violence, etc.

According to the results of the jury, the three most active, most creative teams were awarded with diplomas and prize cups. And the organizers marked absolutely all participants of the competition with useful gifts: reflective belts and bracelets, manuals on the rules of conduct on the streets and roads «Safe way to home», reference books, insurance certificates and others. ICF «Assistance to Victims of Road Accidents» expresses its gratitude for the assistance of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, Motor Transport Insurance Bureau of Ukraine, patrol and juvenile police units in Kyiv, the main department of the SES in Kyiv, the State Enterprise «Ukrainian Research Institute of Transport Medicine» of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, LLC «COMPANY «BIKO «, public organization «Social Justice» SOVIST’», insurance company» TAS». And to the sweet partner of the event – TM «Rud» for an interesting entertainment program and the most delicious ice cream for all residents of Artek.

We remind you that the educational and entertaining event-training on life safety «Safety Weekend» is conducted by the International Charitable Foundation «Assistance to Victims of Road Accidents» on a regular basis and is designed for children and youth. You can learn more about the conditions of the event here.